Day 16 – Next

Day 16 - Next

Picked up some eggs from my friend and owner of Big Oak Farms, Darleen, and I opened to find two pretty greenish blue eggs.  Knew right away what I would paint today.  The painting colors are off a bit in the photo above, will try to take another photo in the morning as that egg is represented as blue in the photo and it is really a soft greenish-blue.  Learned about composition today and I need to work on where to put my still life to get a good angle to paint.  But, again, lots of color mixing fun and good experience!  And, done before 1a! Whoo hoo

4 thoughts on “Day 16 – Next

  1. I saw this “in person” and it is amazing how different it looked from the photo. In “real time” the colors are amazing and the whole perspective is very realistic. Another great painting!

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