Day 24 – North Georgia Pear


Enjoying a beautiful, but chilly, day in Blue Ridge, GA with my best friends at a warm and cozy mountain house.  A trip to the spa was a perfect activity today and I even finished an abstract pear.  Tori likes them a bit more realistic, but this is my loose interpretation…still working on that!!  Sun is setting here, fire is roaring and games are about to begin….have a great night!

3 thoughts on “Day 24 – North Georgia Pear

  1. Loose is great. I feel your brush flying, spreading color, really nice, keeps me looking, and I want a bite, wonderful pear. (Also posting on 30 Days…but you have to go to the web site to see beyond the blogging pseudonym.)

    • thank you so much for your kind words, I really appreciate it! This has been a wonderful experience for me, I look forward to getting back to Leslie’s site and looking at some of the work posted recently, I’ve been out of town and miss it! Have a great day!

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