Hydrangea Study


In an effort to keep the paints out and try to paint each day, I decided to paint the hydrangeas I picked up at Trader Joes this weekend, along with a couple of the tired lemons that have been around since last week…I tried to use a larger brush (not very large!) and at least the canvas is an 11×14 canvas board and not a 6×6.  Good lessons, but look forward to my workshop this weekend, I think I should start writing down questions for Sabre, I don’t want to forget anything!!

A day of review!!! Almost 30 in 30



I think my final number was 21…wow, much less than I thought, but no worries…its a new day and I am planning on painting today!  Here is the collage post, I had to fill in with the final four paintings from my “archives” LOL…even a pumpkin I painted for Hannah in October made the collage…didn’t want blank spots so Ugga got in the mix.  

Day 30 – Pretty Peony


30 days gone, already?!  I haven’t counted yet, but I am shy a few paintings…but am thrilled with what I have accomplished and learned this month.  If I wasn’t painting, for whatever reason, I was reading about it, or thinking about it.  It did consume my time, but so did life…a pretty good balance I think!  Thanks Leslie Saeta for getting me going with the 30 in 30, appreciate the boost!!  Also, a huge thank you to all of you for your support these past 30 days, I loved when you asked me about a painting, or sent me inspirational photos, etc…I have a lot to paint in the coming days, weeks, months…thankfully!!  Can’t wait!!  xoxoxo

Day 24 – North Georgia Pear


Enjoying a beautiful, but chilly, day in Blue Ridge, GA with my best friends at a warm and cozy mountain house.  A trip to the spa was a perfect activity today and I even finished an abstract pear.  Tori likes them a bit more realistic, but this is my loose interpretation…still working on that!!  Sun is setting here, fire is roaring and games are about to begin….have a great night!

Day 23 – A Break in the Action



Wow, had a break in painting that I did not plan on, but things happen.  Today’s post is the finished piece I started last week.  I am so happy with my tea cup, I worked very hard to be loose, and slowly, with the help of my wonderful teachers Ginny and Mary Jane, I am getting there!  Leaving for mountains in 5 minutes, hope to paint there…more later!  

Day 18 – Peaceful


I spent most of today doing things to catch up with life during this 30 in 30, including exercise (first time in 18 days! lol), a walk with Bella, and time in front of the fire place with my daughter Hannah, home for the 3 day, I even cooked dinner tonight, haha!  So it does not bother me in the least to post a painting I did about a month or so ago in art class.  Loved working on yet another barn, a bit larger scale than usual.  Lots of fun, I love the barns, they seem as peaceful as my day today was with Hannah.

Day 17 – Did Uncle Mart take the last cookie?

Creekside Memories

Creekside Memories

Today’s painting has a story. Well, really all of my paintings so far have a story to me! …but this one is a very special memory for me. This Cow jumping Over the Moon cookie jar is my cookie jar, my Mom & Dad gave it to me for a birthday a few years back. I think my Uncle Mart has the exact same one, his is the one from Gram’s kitchen on Creekside Lane. You see, I have such vivid memories of the kitchen at my Gram & Poppop’s house on Creekside. Uncle Mart would often stop by Creekside, after work, on the way to his home and beautiful family, to give his Mom (my Gram) a kiss on her cheek and he always headed to the cookie jar and grabbed a cookie. Seems to me Gram often had Archway molasses cookies in there, the big round ones with scalloped edges and sugar sprinkled on top. Not sure if that is a correct memory, but its what I remember! Fast forward to the mid ’80s and I am working here in Atlanta and see a Time Magazine about Andy Warhol and his cookie jar collection. Right there in the article’s picture, front and center, is Gram’s cookie jar (see photo below)   I cut the photo out of the magazine, and from that day forward I searched for that cookie jar. I would go in antique stores on my travels, whip out the magazine picture and ask if they had the jar. No luck. Thankfully, my mom was also looking for me. She knew what the memory meant to me and she was also searching. Her dear friend, Linda Barkett, is a great shopper and one day asked mom if she would go to an auction with her as she thought they might actually have a Cow Jumping over the Moon jar that mom had often mentioned. I am so happy to say, my sweet mom found and bought this cookie jar for me and I will never forget the day I was sitting in their living room and opened that beautiful gift. I about fell off the couch. Imagine, that cookie jar I looked all over the states for was at an auction in little ole Mansfield, Ohio…just waiting for me! The search was over, I had my cookie jar and I do not look at it without thinking of so many dear people in my life, Mom & Dad, Gram & Poppop, Uncle Mart and my beautiful Gullen family whom I adore.
WarholCookie jar collection

(Andy Warhol collection – photo from Time magazine)

Day 16 – Next

Day 16 - Next

Picked up some eggs from my friend and owner of Big Oak Farms, Darleen, and I opened to find two pretty greenish blue eggs.  Knew right away what I would paint today.  The painting colors are off a bit in the photo above, will try to take another photo in the morning as that egg is represented as blue in the photo and it is really a soft greenish-blue.  Learned about composition today and I need to work on where to put my still life to get a good angle to paint.  But, again, lots of color mixing fun and good experience!  And, done before 1a! Whoo hoo