Day 15 – a work in progress



From art class tonight, not finished but a good dent! I know this challenge is a painting a day but for me, spending quality time with my paint class pals, the SAPS, Singing & Sipping, and definitely learning!, is what this challenge is about. Will post finished painting when completed!

Day 14 – Red All Over


I am hosting Book Club tonight, my turn, and the theme is “Black and White and Red All Over.”  Remember the joke, “what’s black and white and red all over?   …a newspaper”  I am sort of tying the book club theme to that little joke and so my painting was influenced today by my chores of getting ready for the girls to come over tonight.  I have a bouquet of flowers in my living room that I put there last Saturday and the Gerbera daisies were still looking good so I grabbed one and decided to paint it today.  Went together more quickly than yesterday’s effort as I did learn some techniques as I labored through the Black Eyed Susans…all a learning process which I love!  Have a beautiful day!

Day 13 – Susans in the Field


whew, day 12 slipped by so here we are on day 13.  I enjoyed doing this painting very much as the colors made me happy on this rainy January day here in Atlanta.  Another inspiration from my friend Jean Reinhold and her amazing photographic  talents, I get inspired by so much of her work!  I am going to have to get busy and do two paintings at some point to get caught up in this challenge, but its sure been fun so far!


Day 11- Italian Gift – (in repair mode)

Day 11 - Gift from Italy image


My friends, Warren & Renee, so kindly brought Bill and me an amazing gift of olive oil from a recent trip to Italy. As soon as I saw the can I wanted to paint it. I had so much trouble with my Sap Green on this painting. Every stroke of paint actually removed what was below it…very very odd. Again, this effort is educational as I learned a great deal. I think I am going to paint a stick figure tomorrow, lol. Good night and thanks again for checking in! (;

*So this morning (day 12) I asked my husband about the tin of olive oil as I am really having trouble with it, more than the crazy Sap Green paint not sticking to the canvas.  He was so very gentle in showing me how the lines of the can were not parallel, and therefore the painting did not read well.  He even went down to the basement and quickly came up with some contraption he used in drawing/architecture class that is going to SAVE ME in the future with drawing.  So here is a quick fix, will get back to it later today.  Have to fix dinner and take poor old Bella for a walk in this beautiful Atlanta weather!

Day 10 – (tardy) Autumn walk


Another art class project, working on being loose with the brush! Friday was a crazy day and I did not get to paint so this is from my “archives” ( : Today is a rainy, winter day…Grace heads back to school after lunch and B and I will once again be empty nesters. I will be painting this afternoon, can’t wait! (for the painting part…empty nesting not so much! I miss you Rob, Grace & Hannah!)

Day 8 – Poms in Light


Another palette knife effort, early this morning…again, lessons abound!  I think I see now why my instructors have said that taking a photo of a painting and then going back to adjust helps as I see a few things I might address.  But…since Grace and I are off to Athens to take Hannah to lunch, my painting will have to wait!!  So glad that sweet girl is just up the road a piece and Grace and I can go for a visit.  And, the benefits of painting in oil…this will still be wet later today when I return. It was dark this morning in basement and I used a spot light and the light was pretty harsh on the pomagranates, it doesn’t read very well in the painting, that might be an adjustment later.  Or, maybe not! ( :  Afterall, I have to paint again for tomorrow, this might just be left alone! Thank you all so very much for your comments, I really appreciate it!  

Day 7 – Gentle One


This sweet beauty is a rescued calf at Gentle Barn in California.  Just so precious.  There are so many good people in our world, so many caring souls, I am thankful for every one. This little guy was fun to paint, alot of white though, I could hear Ginny and Mary Jane saying, “be careful…there is no pure white in a painting!”

Day 6 – Ohio Barn


My dear college friend Jean, among many things , is an amazing photographer.  She captures such beauty in every day moments, and some of them just grab me! Actually, most of them do, and she graciously gave me permission to paint from her wonderful collection. This is the second barn I have painted and I look forward to a larger canvas for this one as well,  I want to do the barn siding justice and I don’t feel I did so on this 6 x6.  I almost completed this painting, it’s okay to go back tomorrow and tweak, I’m quite sure Leslie stated “no rules”…I see some blending to be done! Stay warm y’all!

Day 5 – Transparent


Some of you may know, I am “afraid” to paint glass, or maybe I should say I find it a looming challenge! So I saw a photo of this egg once and I decided to try it instead of glass as a warm up. I like my egg, guess its time to try glass! Thank you all for your egg-cellent support this week and your wonderful comments! I love you all!!